In order to be successful in the field of security, you need to be very knowledgeable, experienced and well-trained. We are living in a time where our country’s safety is being threatened at an alarming rate. Here at Benford Protection Group, we provide the people of Chicago with the best protection by employing top security professionals. Our staff members embody the capabilities that we command: honesty, dependability and the ability to gain the trust of each client and foster great relationships.

High expectations are held for our security team. Each potential candidate must submit to an extensive background check, routine drug screening and quarterly performance evaluations from the Management Team. We desire candidates with previous law enforcement experience or several years of security experience. Military Training and Homeland Security is also valued.

After training is complete, the Management Team will evaluate each staff member and place them with an assignment that suits their particular skill set. All security staff members will be monitored and feedback will be given in order to keep morale high at Benford Protection Group. We will ensure our clients are receiving the best protection we can provide.

You can be confident that Benford Protection Group is here for you and ready to adhere to all of your security needs. For more information, contact us or call (773) 902-7500.